ASOS Online Store – How to Purchase Items from the ASOS Online Store

The ASOS online store is a British online store, and ASOS is an acronym for As Seen on Screen. This ASOS online store works to provide you with all the looks that you find in movies and shows. This practically means that they work to brings these things you find on a TV screen to life!

This e-commerce company is now seen as one of the most visited and used online stores for the purchase and shopping of apparel and accessories. It has been recorded that the ASOS online store holds up its online shoppers from different parts of the world.

ASOS Online Store – Review

The ASOS online store is a British online store, that is aimed at the services of fashion and cosmetics. This e-commerce company was set up and launched in the year 2000 in London by Nick Robertson. This site engages in the sale of about 850 brands, as well as it also markets its accessories and apparel, and it ships and delivers goods and items to over 200 countries from its centers in the UK, Europe, and the US.

This e-commerce company has its headquarters in Camden town in London. And in the year 2013, it has its fulfillment center at Barnsley, in South Yorkshire. Its customer care support is situated in Leavesden.

On the ASOS online store, you get fresh and smooth pieces, up-to-date ranges, delivery and returns, amazing accessories, your favorite cosmetics, and so much more. So, friends, if you have never shopped on ASOS, then I can say you are missing out on a big one. This site is just the ultimate destination for your fashion and cosmetic need, at affordable prices. Search through thousands of updated products and be a part of ASOS!

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ASOS Online Store Shipping and Delivery Terms

The ASOS online store is a worldwide online store for fashion and cosmetic products, which hosts thousands of brands on its site and also owns its fashion lines. This online store is known to be a trusted online retailer, which has been able to attract 16 million monthly visitors.

The ASOS online store is officially situated in the UK, but it now holds other locations such as the US, Germany, Australia, Spain, France, and Italy, and it ships and delivers ordered goods and products from its main location in the UK to 190 countries around the world.

And apart from giving you the right products at the right amount, you should know that ASOS is a huge success to its customers. And however much these products are, you are able to get your delivery. Just think about it, will customers still want to shop if their delivery services are poor? No! but they still have global customers all over the world, and this should show you how genuine and reliable ASOS really is.

ASOS Online Store Shopping and Delivery Service and Costs

The standard shipping and delivery of the ASOS online store are within the time of 3 working days, from the moment you place your order for products. delivery works on Monday to Friday and Sunday, (excluding Saturday).

If your order for products is above the cost of 25.00 pounds sterling, then you will not be charged for shipping and delivery. But, if your orders cost lower than that amount, then the charge for your delivery is 3.00 pounds sterling.

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If your delivery/shipping address falls within the postcodes listed below, then you should take note that your ordered goods and products will be delivered using an electric van;

NW1, E1 – E3, N1, EC1 – 4, E14, SE1, E9, SE11, E8, SW1, WC2, W1, WC1.

ASOS Online Store Delivery/Shipping Tracking

You should be aware that your delivery/shipping can be tracked, and a delivery alert will be sent to you via email or SMS. A link will be sent to you, so you can be able to track the goods that are being delivered/shipped to you.

You can also track your goods by logging in to your account and click on the My Account tab. Go to Most Recent Orders and click Track this Order. From there, you will be referred to the tracking page.

How to Open an ASOS Online Store Account

Do you want to get on with shopping with the ASOS online store? Then having an account will possibly help you get started! Let’s get on with your ASOS account.

  • Visit the ASOS site on
  • At the top of the ASOS homepage, tap on the avatar icon and click Join.
  • Go further with your application. Fill in your email address.
  • First name and last name.
  • A password for your ASOS account.
  • Date of birth and gender.
  • Choose a contact preference.
  • Click on JOIN ASOS.

How to Purchase Items from the ASOS Online Store

Now you have gotten your account. You can now get on with your amazing shopping.

  • Visit the ASOS site on
  • Find the product you want to shop for. You can search with the search bar at the top of the homepage.
  • Have you seen the item? Click on it.
  • You will find the details for the item. Choose the color and size if necessary
  • After you have done that, Add To Bag.
  • At the right side of the ASOS site, you will find your shopping bag, click on it and CHECKOUT the item you have selected.
  • You will be prompted to log in to your ASOS account.
  • Proceed with your shopping, as you add the address you want the item to be shipped to.
  • Add your payment method to pay for the item.
  • Add all other necessary details and Place your order.
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ASOS Online Store App

ASOS also has an online store too! You are able to download this app to your device and engage in whatever form of shopping that you want. With this app, you can find and buy items, enjoy fast and easy checkouts, get alerts and notifications, see fashion and beauty products, and lots more. So, if you make use of an Android or IOS device, you can get this app on your device. all you have to do is;

  • Visit your play store.
  • Search for ASOS.
  • Click on the app.
  • Proceed to the download of the app by clicking on INSTALL or GET.

When the download is over, open the app to get started!

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